Volume Lashing Is Healthier

With classic 1:1 lashing, an extension is placed on top of the natural lash. However, with volume lashing, the lash extensions are wrapped around the natural lash, evenly distributing the weight and providing brace-like support.

In the same way that a splint or corrective rod is used to support a bone, volume lashing can protect and strengthen natural lashes by surrounding them with a supportive brace.

The amount of volume you can achieve in your lash set will depend on the strength of your natural lashes. Not everyone’s lashes are the same, some can not handle 4-6D volume fans. Those that can handle extreme volume can usually only do so for short periods.

A natural set of eyelashes will have lashes at every stage of growth at any given time. This is why we use a blend of different D volume fans to maintain the integrity and health of the natural lashes.

Example: In a 2-4D set, new growth and lower layer natural lashes will be volumized with 2D fans. The longest and coarsest natural lashes will be volumized with 3-4D fans. Blending 2-4D fans in this set will not only ensure that each lash is extended according to its size and health, but will also result in a fluffy, textured set.

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