Proper Lash Extension Aftercare

Proper aftercare of lash extensions is integral to keeping the extension bonds strong throughout the duration of wear and requires an equal commitment to the aftercare “Do’s” and “Do Not’s”.

Lash Extension Do’s

  • Wash lash extensions and eyelids daily with a professional lash cleanser. ProLong lash cleanser is sold at Metrolashes, pick one up at your next visit.
  • Brush lash extensions by spinning through them with a clean mascara wand. You will receive a free mascara wand after every appointment.

Lash Extensions Do Not’s

  • Tug / pull / twist / pick at lash extensions.
  • Sleep on your face or rub lash extensions into a pillow.
  • Use eye creams/makeup products containing oils or glycerin inside the orbital bone.
  • Use mascara, gel liner, or mechanical curlers (instead use liquid or powder liners, as they don’t build up in the lash line).

Ingredient Watch List

Products with the following ingredients can damage the adhesive bond on the lash set:

  • Oils
  • Glycerin
  • Waxes

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