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Volume Lashing Is Healthier

With classic 1:1 lashing, an extension is placed on top of the natural lash. However, with volume lashing, the lash extensions are wrapped around the natural lash, evenly distributing the weight and providing brace-like support. In the same way that a splint or corrective rod is used to support a bone, volume lashing can protect…

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Volume Lashes Vs Classic Lashes

Classic lashes are a 1:1 ratio.  This means that the number of extensions applied will only meet the number of natural lashes you have.  If you have naturally thick lashes, this look is great for you. However, if you have very few natural lashes, volume lashes are the choice for you.  Classic lashes are going…

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Proper Lash Extension Aftercare

Proper aftercare of lash extensions is integral to keeping the extension bonds strong throughout the duration of wear and requires an equal commitment to the aftercare “Do’s” and “Do Not’s”. Lash Extension Do’s Wash lash extensions and eyelids daily with a professional lash cleanser. ProLong lash cleanser is sold at Metrolashes, pick one up at…

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